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Our Vision

Sports are seen as a way to develop communities. It often provides youth with somewhere safe to congregate, and it usually fosters community spirit. However, providing sports opportunities alone will not have a long-lasting impact. We need to utilize sports as a way to establish healthy living habits and positive coping mechanisms. We need to create a leadership first mentality and a 'together we can" attitude.


That's what RiseUp Sports Camps is all about. We have served our surrounding  community since 2012 and will continue to do so. However, we believe that our mission, vision, and message needs to reach a broader audience. 

In 2015, Operation: Rise Up hosted it's first camp for Military Kids whose parents were associated with Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ.  Fast forward to 2023, we are proud to announce that we are the first organization selected to run Flag Football Summer Camps for the US Air Force! We will be at 4 military installations in 2023 and will hopefully expand in 2024. 

Although our first assignment is to provide the USAF with Flag Football camps, our goal is to add other sports such as basketball, baseball, softball and more! We have worked with USA branded sports for many years and are looking forward to bringing this concept to USAF installations across the world!

Training sessions include but not limited to:

Situational Leadership
Problem Solving
Peer to Peer Support
Character Development


Route running

Punt/Pass/Kick Competitions

Staff Training & Development

Interaction with Pro teams*

Overtime Sessions*

Sample Training Session

0800: Stretch & Warm Ups

0830: Strength & Conditioning

0900: Leadership Concepts

0930: Positional Skills Development

10:30: Team Skills Development

11:30: Scrimmages

12:00: Cool Down/Debrief

Sample Week of Training

Monday: Intros, general skills evaluations

Tuesday: Positional Skills evaluations,  Team assignments

Wednesday: Positional Skills & Team development

Thursday: Game Rules, Scrimmages, situational awareness

Friday: Game Day set up, Awards presentations

NOTE: We are uniquely set up to adapt  to our surroundings and skill level. 

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